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FE Drabbles (100words)

Not too sure how DW (or lj, or IJ for that matter) works, so if posting these drabbles apart isn't right I'll fix it later.

[He doesn’t understand why she always comes back.]

“Soon enough,” she keeps telling him, “I’ll be married to a wealthy lord, and you’ll never see me again.”
Something inside him twists at the thought of losing her, but he just laughs it off.
He wonders why she never follows up on the threat, especially when he sees her on the arm of Oswin or Erk or even – once – Hector. Any one of them would give her a happier, more stable life, but she always comes back.
It takes him a while, but he finally understands what she means.
I’m giving this up for you, Matthew.
I’m not leaving.