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Anne A. Lias ([personal profile] vulpine_shadow) wrote2011-08-06 11:43 pm
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FE Drabbles (100words)

[He’d thought of darkness as a friend, once upon a time.]

He squeezes himself into the shadowed space between bookshelf and wall, suppressing a giggle.
Sitting in the gloom of the prison, Knoll finds it hard to believe he had once loved the darkness. He realizes now that it is a cold, damp, wintery thing; in its wake come monsters, abominations as deadly as they are horrendous.
His too-long violet robes are invisible in the dark. The shadows embrace him warmly, hide him from the world.
He hears the sounds of battle and hugs himself tightly to ward off a sudden chill.
Nobody can find him here.
The darkness, his sanctuary.